Interactive Education

The Project

Create 3D models of fish bones for a New England Aquarium exhibit on global warming. Deliver 3D printed models and interactive versions for iPad-based kiosks.

The Work

  • Collaborated with the University of Massachusetts to capture accurate micrographs (photographs from microscopes), as sources for 3D models
  • Created methods to verify the accuracy of data and results
  • Produced and delivered exhibition ready models
  • Developed interactive models and user interface (UI) to zoom, pan, and rotate the models on an iPad

Tools & Stack: Point cloud tools, Adobe Creative Cloud, WebGL


This exhibit was a first of its kind to show the longer-term effects of acidification on reef fishes. This study was based on clownfish ear bones (otoliths).

Otoliths are too small to practically display and observe in a museum – without a microscope. 3D prints proved to be the ideal medium because the models could easily be enlarged to illustrate the changes and abnormalities in fish exposed to a range of pH levels.

The prints were supplemented with an interactive kiosk exhibit for iPads.

The findings are here.