Performance + UX

The Project

The client develops tools to help eradicate corruption and social injustice from third-party networks.

Their software product (SaaS) covers anti-bribery, anti-corruption, data privacy (GDPR), and information security. They manage third-party risk, compliance, and performance for enterprise brands including Google, Salesforce, GE, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble.

The project goals were to improve the website visitors’ experience with faster loading pages and make recommendations to streamline development and editorial.

The Work

  • Performed sitewide audits, reviewing all processes impacting performance and web security
  • Captured metrics and identified industry benchmarks (KPIs)
  • Optimized code and assets, using next-gen formats, software upgrades, compression, and caching
  • Led design and development teams to review software architecture and proposed changes

The Results

Pages consistently loading in well under two seconds.

Made recommendations covering web security, release and deployment management, asset strategy, site architecture, indexing, and SEO.

Tools & Stack: Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Cloudflare, Lighthouse, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript