website pre-launch checklist

Here is our website pre-launch checklist. Some of these items are automated and some handled by the hosting provider. Many are nailed down early in the design and development process. In that case – and with good planning – this is just a last minute sanity check to be sure all the critical bases are covered.



Feature ready: All features on the original work order are in place

Copy has been reviewed and edited

Contact forms verified: Forms are sent to the correct email address are saved to the database, as backup

404 page is in place offering useful alternatives if visitor requests a page that does not exist

Search feature is available, as needed

Link checker confirms there are no dead links

Social media links are in place and accurate



Graphics are optimized

All pages load in under 4 seconds

Caching is in place



Site is secure with SSL / HTTPS. Green padlock is in place

WordPress is hardened with secure passwords and best security practices

WordPress, theme, and all plugins are up-to-date

Unnecessary themes and plugins are deactivated and removed


Mobile Ready

Site is responsive and mobile friendly across all targeted devices. Here are some specifics.


Traffic & SEO

Code is clean and does not generate errors

All media, including images, video, and audio have alt tags for accessibility and SEO

All pages and posts have at least one image, for visual interest and SEO

Sitemap submitted specifying which pages to index

Robots.txt specifies directories to index (or not)

Submit to search engines, including Google and Bing


User Experience

Comments are enabled (or disabled) as needed

Google Analytics in place to track site usage for future improvements



Anti-spam plugins in place

Automated backup plan in place

Source code under version control (git)